Tételfutár: My town, our house

Egy kis segítség a város, ház, lakás témakörhöz. Alakítsd át kedved szerint, majd mondd fel hangosan, hogy rögzüljön! Légy egyszerű, annál nagyszerűbb leszel! Középiskolai felvételihez, alapfokú vizsgához, iskolai prezentációhoz, házi feladathoz.

My town

I live in a small town near Budapest. It is quiet. I like it! There are hills and mountains around the city. The houses in our street are small and old. There aren’t any sky-scrapers of course!

On our town there are four schools. There is also a sports centre with a swimming pool. Our school is just opposite the sports centre. It’s cool!

The supermarket is between a clothes shop and a newsagent’s. These are not expensive shops. Opposite the supermarket there is a café, a hairdresser and a small hotel. 

The church is in the town center. Opposite the church there is a small italian restaurant and a bank. Next to the restaurant there is an interesting shop with creative gift ideas.  It is not cheap but exciting! This is my favourite shop in the town. I also like the pet shop!

  • quiet – csöndes
  • noisy – zajos
  • around – körül
  • hills – dombok
  • near – közel
  • sky-scrapers – felhőkarcolók
  • opposite – szemben
  • between – között
  • swimming pool – uszoda
  • sports centre – sportközpont
  • in the town center – a városközpontban
  • café – kávézó
  • supermarket – élelmiszerbolt (nagyobb)
  • clothes shop – ruhabolt
  • expensive – drága
  • cheap – olcsó
  • hairdresser – fodrász
  • newsagent’s – újságos
  • gift – ajándék
  • favourite – kedvenc
  • exciting – izgalmas

Our house

I live in a two-storey detached house. There are some trees in front of our house. There is a small garden with a wooden fence behind the house. We have got a loft, a garage and a cellar too.

It’s a renovated house, but we always have some work with it! On the roof we have got a skylight. In the garden we grow vegetables and we have some fruit-trees.

In the house we have got central heating. On the first storey there are two bedrooms, a sitting room, a bathroom, a toilet and a big kitchen with a larder. In my room I have got a single bed, a desk, a wall unit and a bookcase. My mother’s room is similar. We have got a parquet everywhere except the kitchen and the bathroom. In the kitchen there is a cooker, a fridge, a sink, a cupboard and a microwave oven. The washing machine is in the bathroom, where we have a washbasin, a bath and a bathtub. The second storey is the same. The attic is not habitable, but we are planning to buld it up.

  • sky-scraper – felhőkarcoló
  • in front of – szemben
  • behind – mögött
  • two-storey – két szintes
  • detached house – családi ház
  • skylight – tetőtéri ablak
  • loft/attic – padlás
  • cellar – pince
  • roof – tető
  • central heating – központi fűtés
  • larder – kamra
  • similar – hasonló
  • parquet – parketta
  • habitable – lakható