Our Mission


Our Mission
According to our Publishing Company’s and the Teach Different Atelier’s credo the basis of all learning process is the positive attitude and active involvement of learners. Our playful teaching materials, hand made flash cards and the Smart Cards communicative board games for English language learners relax learners while inspiring them to communicate.

Our active, playful methodology is based on decades of educational and pedagogical experiences. We develop several verbal competences, enrich and activate our pupils’ vocabulary, and develop their communicational, comprehensive and reading skills at the same time.

While playing, we use the language in a creative and spontaneous way in life-like situations. Even learners with learning difficulties get involved solving the tasks which has a nice positive effect on their self-confidence and leads to better achievements.

 Our games may be used in flexible ways with any age groups, even with adults. The Smart Cards Elementary upgraded version is largely used in families as well: parents have fun with their children while acquiring the language in a cheerful way. Our objective is to publish our games in other European languages such as German, French and Italian.

Our innovative language learning product: The Smart Cards Board Game

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With kids we play with cute hand-made toys just like these ones:

Finny and Loliboli

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